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Selected Efforts in Biomedical engineering

BME = Body and Mind Engineering
BME = Body Maintenance Engineering

Review of Intervertebral Disc (IVD) Cells and the Engineering Applications to Relieve the Disc Degeneration November 2005

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The cell mechanics behavior changes in IVD, which depend on the characteristics of IVD cells and the extracellular matrix, are believed to play important role in the initiation and progression of the disc degeneration, the most important factor leading to the onset of back/neck pain.

  • How do these changes happen?
  • What engineering methods and tools can be proposed?
  • What is Bone Morphogenic Protein (BMP)?
  • What is a practical application of BMP?

The reason of the nutrition pathway inhabitation leads to medical and engineering treatments of the spine discs. One successful approach is to use various types of growth factors, to improve the nutrition pathway and stimulate the disc cells to produce more and healthy IVD cell matrix. Since in 1979 Dr. Marshall Urist coined the term "bone morphogenetic protein" (BMP) to describe the proteins that were required for bone to heal or regenerate, and in the body were contained within the bone itself, approximately 20 BMPs with different amino acid structures have been isolated to date, but only six appear capable of initiating bone growth. Of these, BMP-2 has demonstrated the greatest potential to form bone. The rhBMP-2 that is used in Medtronic's product INFUSE Bone Graft is a successful engineering and commercial application of BMP, while its fundamental scientific theory is the cell biology of IVD and its degeneration. The more the knowledge of the IVD cells is explored, the better engineering product of INFUSE can be designed and produced.

Two page report is available for downloading.

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