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My Publications & Presentations

Journal papers

1. Kothamasu, R.; Huang, S. H.; Shi, J. and H. R. Leep (2003) Evaluation of Model Selection Criteria in Maintenance Applications, accepted by IJSHM.
2. Dwivedi, S.; Shi, J.; Huang, S. H. and VerDuin, W. H. (2003) Yield Prediction for Seamless Tubing Processes: A Computational Intelligence Approach, accepted by Computers in Industry.
3. Hao Xing, Samuel H. Huang and J. Shi (2003) Rapid Development of Knowledge Based Systems via Integrated Knowledge Acquisition, accepted by the special issue of AIEDAM (Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing) entitled New AI Paradigms for Manufacturing.
4. S. H. Huang, J. P. Dimukes, J. Shi, Q. Su, M. A. Razzak, R. Bodhale, and D. E. Robinson (2003) Manufacturing Productivity Improvement Using Effectiveness Metrics and Simulation Analysis, International Journal of Production Research, Vol. 41, No. 3, pp. 513-527.
5. S. H. Huang, J. P. Dimukes, J. Shi, Q. Su, G. Wang, M. A. Razzakm, and D. E. Robinson (2002) Manufacturing System Modeling for Productivity Improvement, Journal of Manufacturing Systems, Vol. 21, No. 4, pp. 249-259.
6. S. H. Huang, Mohit Uppal, and J. Shi (2002) A Product Driven Approach to Manufacturing Supply Chain Selection, Supply Chain Management: an International Journal, 7 (3-4), 189-199.
7. Shi, J.; Huang, G.Q. and Mak, K.L. (2001) Synchronous System for Developing Performance Measurement Tools on the Web, Computers in Industry, 44, 67-78.
8. Huang, G.Q.; Shi, J. and Mak K.L. (2000) Synchronized System for the DFX Guidelines over the WWW, Journal of materials processing technology, 107, 71-78.
9. Huang, G.Q.; Shi, J. and Mak, K.L (2000) Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) over the WWW, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 16 (8), 603-608.
10. Shi Jun, Yi Hong and Tang Wencheng (1997) Study on Automated Producing of Assembly Process Drawing in CAAPP system, Combined Machine Tool and Automated Manufacturing Technology, 3, 37-40.
11. Yi Hong, Tang Wencheng, Shi Jun (1996) Study on Automated Assembly Process Planning of the Spindle Box of the NC Lathe, Journal of the Southeast University, 12(2), 25-30.

Conference presentations

1. Huang, S.H., Shi, J., Sumit Maloo and Erlandur Steinthorsson (2002) Automatic Generation of Quadrilateral Multi-Block Topology for FEA/CFD Applications, 2002 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology: Productivity Reincarnation through Robotics & Automation, Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand, 11-14 December 2002.
2. Shi, J.; Huang, G.Q. and Mak, K.L. (2001) Web-Based Design for X Handbook: A Metadata Approach, 8th ISPE International Conference on Concurrent Engineering, Los Angle, USA, July 28-August 1.
3. Shi, J.; Huang, G.Q. and Mak, K.L. (2001) Mining Product Design Guidelines in a Web-based "Design for X" Handbook, 2001 International Conference on eCommerce Engineering: New Challenges for Global Manufacturing in the 21st Century, Xi’an, China, Sept. 16-18.
4. Shi, J.; Huang, G.Q. and Mak, K.L. (2000) A Web-based Platform for Developing Performance Measurement Tools, Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Managing Innovative Manufacturing (MIM 2000), Aston University, Birmingham, UK, July 17-19.
5. Huang, G.Q.; Shi, J. and Mak, K.L. (2000) Synchronized "Design for X" Explorer on the World Wide Web, 7th ISPE International Conference on Concurrent Engineering, Lyon, France July 17-20.
6. Shi, J.; Huang, Weihong; Zhang, L.; Huang, G.Q. and Mak, K.L. (2000) Collaborative Supplier Selection on the Web, IEEE International Conference on Management of Innovation and Technology, Orchard Hotel, Singapore, 12-15 November, 827-831.
7. Zhang, L. and Shi, J. (2000) Robust Design for a High-speed and Medium-load Gear Reducer, Proceedings of the International Conference on Gearing, Transmissions, and Mechanical Systems, Nottingham, UK, 3-6 July, 261-267.
8. Shi, J.; Huang, G.Q., Mak, K.L. and Yi, H. (2000) Distributed and Synchronization Process Planning on the Web, Information Systems - Research, teaching and Practice, Proceedings of fifth annual conference of the UK Academy for Information Systems (UKAIS), Cardiff, UK, 26-28 April, 131-138.
9. Huang, W.; Shi, J.; Zhang, F. and Huang, G. Q. (2000) A RDF-based Approach of Heterogeneous Resources Description in an Educational Digital Video Library, Internet and Multimedia Systems and Applications, Las Vegas, Nevada, US, November 19-23, 245-250.
10. Shi, J.; Huang, G.Q.; Mak, K. L. and Lee, S.W. (1999) MetaDFX - A System for developing Design for X tools, The 4th Annual International Conference on Industrial Engineering Theory, Applications and Practice, Menger Hotel, San Antonio, Texas, USA, November 17-20, 1999.
11. Huang, G.Q.; Mak K.L. and Shi, J. (1999) Developing Web-based Design Tools in the Internet, 12th International Conference on Engineering Design, Munich, Germany, August 24-26.
12. Huang, G.Q.; Shi, J. and Mak K.L. (1999) Web-Based Design for X Guidelines, CAPE99, 15th International Conference in Computer-Aided Production Engineering, Durham, UK, April 19-21, 65-71.
13. Zhang, L. and Shi, J., (1999) Web-based Supply Chain Management in a Manufacturing Enterprise, International Conference on Global Supply Chain Management: Into the 21st Century, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, Hong Kong13-14 August, 1999.
14. Shi, J.; Huang, G.Q. and Mak, K.L. (1998) Web-based Design for Assembly, The 3rd Annual International Conference on Industrial Engineering Theories, Applications and Practice, Hong Kong, December 28-31.
15. Tang Wencheng, Yi Hong, Xu Chao, Shi Jun (1995) The Research with Boundary Element Analyzing and Optimal Designing of the Guideway, Proceedings of the International Symposium on Intelligence, Knowledge and Integration for Manufacturing, International Conference (IKIM 95), Southeast University, Nanjing, China, March 28-31, 447-453.


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